The Bailey House - Where History Meets Hospitality...

The Bailey House was built in 1832 for the prominent Georgetown physician, Dr. George Bailey and his family of eight children.  It is one of the oldest homes in Georgetown and has not been structurally altered, inside or out, except for the addition of a wing in 1876.  The wing replaced a log structure that stood adjacent to the main house.  The Bailey family was closely associated with the family of Ulysses S. Grant and the two families lived in close proximity to one another.  Grant is said to have visited the Bailey house often in his youth and was very close to Mrs. Bailey.  Ulysses came to buy the daily quart of milk and overheard Mrs. Bailey reading a letter from her oldest son Bart.  Bart said he had resigned from West Point and was coming home.  Upon hearing this Ulysses quickly ran to Congressman Thomas Hamer's home and asked for the vacancy if anything happened to Bart.  Ulysses was indeed later granted Bart's vacant appointment at the academy. 

The Bailey House was purchased by current owner Nancy Purdy's great-grandfather and has been in the family ever since.  It became a bed and breakfast in 1994.

About the Owners
Inkeepers Stan and Nancy Purdy are also the owners of the Bailey House.  Nancy grew up in the Bailey House and has witnessed much of its restoration.  The Purdys are very passionate about maintaining the legacy of Ulysses S. Grant and his ties to their home.  They are both very active in the preservation of Georgetown's historic past.
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